Hangzhou Electronic Commerce Industry Park is an e-commerce industry park approved by the Information Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government; and its business forms are managed by the West Lake Science and Technology Bureau and Wensan Road Electronic Information Street Committee. Hangzhou E-Commerce Industry Development Co., Ltd serves as the property management and public service platform.

                              Hangzhou Electronic Commerce Industry Park is located at 7, Cuibai Road, which is at the junction of Wenyi Road and Xueyuan Road in West Lake District, belonging to the Wensan Road Electronic Information Street with the name of “In the north, they have Zhongguancun; and in the south, we have Wensan Street” as well as to the Jiangbei block of National High-tech Zone. It’s at the core of “Capital of Chinese E-commerce”, and deeply radiated by the first National Digital Entertainment Industry Demonstration Base, National Information Service Industry Demonstration Park...

                              • Cleaning
                              • Engineering Equipment
                              • Security
                              • Parking
                              • Forestation
                              • Supporting

                              • Platform for Industrial Cultivation
                              • Technological Support Platform
                              • Technology and Science Platform
                              • Platform for Legal Protection
                              • Platform for Talents Cultivation
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